Xi and Macron declare support for a climate agreement in spite of Trump withdrawal

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron have signed a settlement recommitting to the 2015 Paris Agreement, only days after the US officially withdrew from the landmark global treaty to battle climate change.

Talking at a joint signing ceremony in the Chinese capital Beijing Wednesday, Xi repeated the two sides shared a determination to “push forth the Paris Climate Accords in response to climate change.”

Despite the fact that neither one of the leaders mentioned the US by name, Macron called out what he portrayed as the “isolated choices” made by certain countries.

“I deplore the choices made by some others, but I want to see them as marginal choices, because when China, the European Union, Russia, which ratified the Paris Agreements a few weeks ago, engage with firmness, the isolated choice of one or another (country) is not enough to change the course of the world, it will only lead to them being edged out,” said Macron.

The Trump organization announced Monday that it would officially start withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord, the first step in a year-long procedure to leave the agreement.

President Donald Trump announced the move in 2017, some portion of various activities that moved back Obama-time environmental regulations.

Trump’s declaration came one day after in excess of 11,000 specialists around the globe released a report warning that there would be “untold suffering” if climate change wasn’t tended to as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

“Posterity will remember (policymakers) badly for dismissing climate change as a serious threat to our civilization,” Phoebe Barnard, one of the lead authors of the report, told CNN.

In a joint articulation released Wednesday, Xi and Macron promised to “firmly support” the Paris Agreement, portraying it as an “irreversible process,” and a “benchmark for strong actions on climate change.” The two leaders additionally consented to focus on mutually cooperate on marine waste – especially to lessen plastics and plastic particles in the world’s oceans.

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